Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She's BACK

I'm back in the saddle again!* Sort of like in the Aerosmith song...

But not really.

Poor Mrs. Lyons has been in... a funk, I guess. Tired and overwhelmed and moody... and busy, busy, busy. It's a busy time of year around here for the Lyons clan. Plus, I haven't really felt like I've had anything intelligent to say.

Um, I realize that is probably a matter of opinion.

I also realize... that it may not change.

Heh. Should be interesting. Anywhoo, I've finished up some projects, and time permitting they will make their way into cyber-space shortly. :)

*We did take Lucy on a horseback ride.... oh my, she HATED IT. I'm still suffering. Oy! And yes, I did have enough sense to NOT sing around the "real" cowboys.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have been knitting! Honest! See?

Wow... July flew by and August seems to be fleeing right at it's heels! We had a birthday, including a monster of a coconut cake. The cubs went to camp. (three cubs + two different camps = lots of paperwork, driving, and frayed nerves for Mrs. Lyons) We shampooed our carpets. I dog sat. We made rock candy.  Sort of. Now we seem to be plagued with a horrible sickness. (Just a nasty cold, nothing too dramatic)

Through all of that... I knit.

And knit.

And knit.

I'm almost done. I think. This is from my very own imagination. Usually these things... these imaginary things... if they are lucky enough to emerge into reality, generally they sink back into oblivion before they are even half way done. What can I say? I have the attention span of a gnat. So far this sweater is progressing nicely. I've almost got high hopes for it.*

I will leave you now with a picture of our rainbow assortment of heirloom tomatoes... pretty much the only thing August is good for. Hopefully life will even out in another month or so!!

*almost... because it would be foolish to tempt the knitting fates, wouldn't it?

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Occasionally we do have some fun around here.


The Princess and I have some rather thick and seriously long locks... really. We break rubber bands right and left. She is learning to braid while I am Ye Grand Olde Master at it. (ha) Sorry, no photos of my "hairstyle" today as the only way I have of acquiring photos with myself in them is to a) wrangle The Man into doing it, and he has one of those pesky day-job thingies *sigh* and b) use the camera on my smart phone in the bathroom that has a dirty mirror and zero natural lighting. Yeah, only my girlfriends get those pics. Maybe I'll share them with you after we get to know each other better.

Two braids upfront, pulled back into a ponytail. Fast and easy.

Found this idea online (of course). It's a "Regency" style and The Man told her she looked like a Princess!! How fitting.... *smirk* Two braids in the front... looped and pinned around a braid-bun in the back.

Not too hard, especially now that I've had some practice with the braid-bun thing for ballet class!

As for me, I've been trying out some "retro"/"vintage" hairstyles... much to the amusement of my friends. (see above.) I'm going to keep working on it. Most of the problem is that there is just so much of Sonya...

Monday, August 2, 2010


some heirloom tomatoes and white onions for salsa... there are even a few jalapenos in there!
yard long green beans...
mini tomatoes that grow on monster sized plants...
super sweet 100's...
Chinese yard long beans, growing, growing, growing....
a few carrots we let go to flower...
and a surprise "pet"  (!!!!!)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

eyeliner and cigarettes*

This is my Lady Gaga inspired outfit. I'm not exaclty sure why, since it doesn't involve a red latex jumpsuit. Perhaps the pairing of hot pink and textured leapord print heels?

We've seen this skirt before, it's McCall's 5523. The top is 'Orangina' by Stefanie Japel. (Ravelry link)

*if you're hard core, here's the video  for 'Paparazzi'

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

sterling and plum

Dress: A heavily modified version of New Look 6349 in a plum colored linen blend
Sweater: 'Whisper' cardigan from Interweave Knits, Spring 2009 (Ravelry link)

Yup. Mrs. Lyons needs a haircut. Yup, my linen dress wrinkled in exactly 2.5 seconds after I put it on. Yup, those cute leopard shoes (Guess brand) are pretty pinchy. But they are a good cure to the monthly funk of I-don't-want-to-get-dressed-because-nothing-fits. Ha. I've been wearing these shoes a lot lately. :)

Wrap dress to the rescue!!

A quick note on changes I made to the pattern: modified the hem (obviously) and added a little panel that sort of makes it "tulip" out, moved the bust darts and added some bodice darts just for fun... and I changed it from side-tie to back-tie.